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MUSE is a large integrated R&D project on Broadband Access. Within the 6th Framework Programme, MUSE contributes to the strategic objective "Broadband for All" of IST (Information Society Technologies) and it is partially funded by the European Commission.

The overall objective of MUSE is the research and development of a future, low cost, multi-service access network. The access network should provide secure connectivity between end-user terminals and edge nodes in a multi-provider environment. It should be suited for the ubiquitous delivery of broadband services to every European citizen.

MUSE aims at a consensus view of the future access and edge network achieved by the co-operative research of almost all major players in Europe in the area of Broadband Access.

The project addresses the network architecture, techno-economics, access nodes, solutions for the first mile, and interworking with the home network. Solutions will be evaluated in end-to-end lab trials and promoted in standardisation.

36 Partners - 28 Organisations

 over the two phases of the project


5 System Vendors

2 Component Vendors

9 Telecom Operators

2 Small & Medium Enterprises

  10 Universities & Research Institutes





Latest News

October 17, 2008

ACREO has released the IPTV-interface (open source interface software for video quality monitoring)

which was to a large extent developed in MUSE.

August 11, 2008   

Journalist of  ICT-Results  analyses impact of MUSE on Europe's next generation Broadband:

Part 1            Part 2

April 02, 2008      

Last  N E W S L E T T E R   April 2008

March 25, 2008   

MUSE successfully completed:  Executive Summary  of main achievements

January 31, 2008   

N E W S L E T T E R   January 2008 

January 16, 2008   

White Papers  on  QoS, AAA, FMC  have been released 

December 11, 2007     MUSE presence at  BroadBand Europe 2007      3-6 December, Antwerp

MUSE booth with several demonstrators

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More than 20 publications and presentations

MUSE WINTER SCHOOL 2007     All presentation slides